Thursday, December 30, 2021

Kickstart Your New Year's Resolution

In just a couple of days it’ll be time to start making good on your New Year’s resolutions, and the right books can help! The nonfiction section of the library is sorted by the Dewey Decimal system, meaning books with similar topics will be shelved next to each other. So if you find a book that sounds helpful, head to the library and you're likely to find more books on the same shelf.

Health and Wellness

Resolutions to eat healthier or be more active are among the most common, but can be difficult to follow through on. Planning ahead by finding easy workout plans and meals will help you start off the year on the right track. You can find many books on healthy lifestyles and various diets in the library, like these suggestions below:

Travel & Culture

Other popular resolutions involve broadening your horizons by vowing to travel more or spend more time taking in the arts. Identify some time you can take off in 2022, anywhere from a free evening or weekend to an extended vacation, and use it to experience more of the world. BPL has travel books and information on destinations around Indiana and around the globe, so consider picking out a locale now and planning ahead using a book like these:


An easy resolution for anyone struggling to come up with a realistic goal for themselves, a resolution to try out a new hobby is hard to avoid! Trying out a new craft, style of cooking or any other task you’ve always wanted to try is easy to start by researching online or finding a book on the subject. Here are a few examples of hobbies you can try out in the new year:


Of course a resolution list from your local library wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the resolution to read more in 2022! For those of you hoping to read more books in the new year, here are some recommendations from our staff. 

And if you’re open to trying out digital reading — audiobooks or e-books — you should check out the Libby and Hoopla apps, which are free to use with your library card! For multitaskers, audiobooks can add extra reading time to your day by letting you “read” while you work on other tasks or commute. Head to your app store to download the apps; feel free to stop by the library if you need some help setting them up.

On behalf of all BPL staff, we hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and look forward to serving you in the new year!

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